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How to improve essay writing 5 things you should know

Writing skills will be useful in life, no matter which profession you obtain. Writing business letters, filling in forms, applying for jobs and internal programs – all of these require proficient writing skills if you want to succeed in life. That is written assignments are paid so much attention to while you are still in college. Essays, research papers, proposals and answering questions in written form – this is what average student may come across every day. If you want to successfully survive through your academic years, you will need to start working on improving your essay writing skills as early as possible.

5 things to keep in mind for a brilliant essay.

  1. Stay on the main idea. Do not let yourself get distracted and diverse from the main topic. Look at it as a thread that shall go through the entire paper. When writing each next sentence, make sure it is connected both with the previous one and what you decided to talk about.
  2. Use sentenced of different length. If you use only long, sophisticated sentences that are hard to understand from the first look, your paper will be difficult to read. On the other hand, if you decide to choose only short sentences, it may not be enough for your academic level.
  3. Put the main point at the beginning of the sentence. Make sure the idea of the sentence you are trying to tell can be visible at once. It will help you to emphasize what is important in your statement and readers to see what they shall pay attention to.
  4. Use more active verbs. Overflowing your paper with Passive voice will prevent the readers from easily understanding it. If you can avoid using it, avoid it. This will be especially applied to the dynamic words.
  5. Look for the synonyms. Of you notice that you have used one word for 3 times in the last paragraph, it is better to replace it with the word that has the same meaning. Check online for services that will offer you dozen of synonyms to the word you enter.

Revising your paper: find your own mistakes.

Proofreading of your paper is a very important step that may never be skipped. You get the possibility to become your professor and find out all the mistakes before him. Read your paper aloud. Eliminate what sounds unclear and check the paper for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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