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12 Good Essay Topics On Death Of A Salesman For High School Students

Death of a Salesman is a masterpiece penned by one of the greatest American playwrights – Arthur Miller. The play weaves a lot of stories and aims at displaying how middle-class people are trapped by their own dreams and reality.

The enlightening play

The play enlightens us on several fronts and most of its characters are largely identifiable. The character of Willy Loman, who lives in meretricious splendor and creates a glass palace in his vision but later succumbs to his brutish reality, is a moral take at catharsis, if you will.

The popularity quotient

The play is extremely popular the world over even 66 years after its first publication and surprises everybody with the crispness with which it comes as relevant to all spaces and times. The book extracts inspiration from some of the common loves; their aspirations, dreams and interaction with reality. It has been adapted into many a movie worldwide.

Fresher every time

The best thing about Death of the Salesman is that every time you read it, you come across a different perspective, a different realization. In this sense, it emulates Catcher in the Rye and Alice in Wonderland and offers remarkable scope for delightful essay topics.

Here are 12 high school essay topics on the play death of a Salesman

  1. Discuss how Willy being trapped in his own dreams is a clear sketch of most middle-class people
  2. Write an essay how Arthur scopes through Biff the power of turning the tide and taking the reality face on
  3. Does the book symbolizes that those with a mind full of reason are almost unable to show emotions
  4. Discuss whether the death of Willy Loman is actually a blessing for him; considering he feels he is helping Happy with his death
  5. Evaluate the character of Charley; the sole mate of Willy in a descriptive essay
  6. Is Ben a vision in everyman’s life – a person who can change the course of life with his single touch?
  7. Suggest the strains of existent sibling rivalry in a probing essay
  8. Is Willy madder at Biff than at Happy because he sees a reflection of himself in Happy?
  9. Does Ben suffer to reach heights because of his sexual appetite; or has his father killed something in him?
  10. Is Linda the character with grey and neutral shades; empathizing with Willy but actually not understanding him?
  11. Is the book an allegory with a moral that one should not rush for material pursuits?
  12. Discuss the relevance of Willy’s job as a salesman and the underlying metaphor in a conceptual essay.