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Adult Development

There are many different stages of development for children and for adults. In fact the field of psychology has a handful of highly regarded professionals who have constructed some means of identifying developmental stages. Some of these stages are physical developments while others are emotional or psychological. While there are many more stages of development for children adults go through three main stages during the course of adulthood.

Psychosocial Stage 1 – Isolation vs. Intimacy

This is the stage of development in early adulthood in which people begin to experience some personal relationships. It is believed that this is vital to developing any kind of meaningful relationship with another person. Each step of this process builds on older steps. It allows people to have experiences like depression, loneliness, love, and isolation which will allow them to understand the need to be with other people and to view interpersonal relationships in an important light in their life.

Psychosocial Stage 2 – Generativity vs. Stagnation

Once we become adults, we will continue building our lives and we will shift focus to family and career. People who become successful during this stage begin to feel like they are contributing positively to the world through their work and by being active in both their homes and the community as a whole. People who don’t get this skill will feel like they are lost in the world and that they are uninvolved with things transpiring around them. Care is one of the virtues that is achieved during this stage. Being proud of things you have done, watching your kids grow up, and having a sense of love and trust with a life partner are also some important accomplishments.

Psychosocial Stage 3 – Integrity vs. Despair

This is a phase that takes place during old age and can be seen as a reflection on life. People who fail during this stage think that their life was wasted and will probably begin to experience a lot of regrets. People in this situation are left feeling despair and may be bitter. People who are proud of what they have done will feel like they have a certain sense of integrity.

As an adult these are the three main stages through which you will go. Each adult travels through them and will find themselves feeling the different psychological mental places at some point or another. With better knowledge of the stages adults can move through them safely.

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