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How to Write and Proofread an Essay Correctly

There are two components or sections in this particular article. The first is all about writing an essay correctly and the second is all about proofreading it correctly. Let's take them one at a time.

If you follow the standard advice of preparing well for the writing of an essay by using a plan or outline and doing the appropriate research, when it comes to the actual writing of the essay you can go full tilt. You have all the information in front of you in your plan and you've done the reading required to give you the necessary information, so now you let the writing flow. Don't even try to think about what will come next just simply write it. And when you do take that approach of writing as quickly as you can, there will be mistakes with spelling, punctuation and grammar. That is not a problem. Forget about making mistakes, just write. That’s the ideal way to write an essay correctly and well.

You see by adopting this write as quickly as you can policy you really give the chance for your work and words to flow. Sometimes the first thoughts are the best thoughts. The more you ponder and worry about whether or not you're saying the right thing, the deeper into the mire you fall. Stop stopping and start writing full steam ahead. So get your preparation right and your plan in full detail and then let it rip.

But then we come to the proofreading

And this is where you separate the good essay writers from the very good ones. Once you've completed the first draft of your essay you go back and check on your work. This is how to proofread your perhaps messy essay.

But there are two things to look for here when switching to checking and editing your essay. The first are the mechanical things such as spelling, punctuation and grammar all of which are very important. But the second is the flow of your work, the importance of sticking to the topic or answering the question and the super importance of avoiding repetition. So the correct approach to proofreading is to look for the typos and the basic errors at first and then switch to looking for the structural or technical aspects of your writing. Get the writing and the proofreading right and you have a top piece of writing.

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