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Gods Intervention in The Odyssey

Intervention of gods in “The Odyssey,” written by Homer, provides unique insight on how divine intervention affects the outcome or fate of a person or character. In the story readers learn how gods and goddesses play roles in how dreams become a reality. They tend to have positive and negative outcomes that reflect true feelings people can relate to. The gods in the story relate to different emotions, inspirations, concerns, passions, and unhappiness to name a few elements. In some cases their reactions in how they affect main characters is not always explained.

Also known as divine intervention, these elements played important roles throughout the poem of “The Odyssey.” With a number of characters throughout the story it seemed as if a god or goddess had something to do with an action or event that occurred. Some characters received strength, courage and protection from divine interventions that occurred. Many people can relate to these aspects as similar aspects happen in life. People who are firm believers in God may feel as if divine intervention played a role in a specific moment of their life. Was this aspect what inspired the author to base this poem from a similar concept?

Divine intervention played an important role in helping the actions of several characters’ including Zeus and Athena. They had challenges ahead of them that many feel they would not have gotten through without the intervention. In doing an analysis of the poem many may wonder why each god/goddess didn’t have something that was considered important. Few feel the author of the poem may have been using their work to get out a message about how people communicate with God. The main character in the poem, Greek hero Odysseus, is seen as strong, sensitive and somewhat witty. There are different sides to him that help make aspects of divine intervention more significant.

This epic poem features various elements of human life that make it one of the most important literary pieces in history. God’s intervention helps people understand how various characters including the hero managed to beat their struggles. Although there was plenty of action and conflict, the poem brings deep meaning people can relate to through divine intervention. There are various human emotions that can be felt that give more insight behind intervention characters experienced throughout the epic tale.

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