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Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer has been called the greatest artist of the Renaissance. He is especially well known for his carvings, but has created some famous paintings too. Durer completed many works, the most famous of which is probably a carving depicting allegorical figures of the devil, the angel of death, and a knight who must pass by them. Durer also incorporated a lot of math into his art, and in fact wrote books about geometry and how proper measurements should be conducted.

The significance of 16th Century art

Although it is not certain whether Durer renounced Catholic doctrine, it is clear that he had a close affiliation with Martin Luther—purveyor of reformed Christianity in the 16th century. Much of Albrecht Durer’s art depicts religious themes and it is evident from his diary that he received some counsel from Martin Luther himself. If the two were friends, it is safe to say that much of Durer’s artwork was inspired by the reformation—or at least by the religious atmosphere of the day.

A Psalm 23 interpretation

Durer is well known for his carving titled, Knight, Death, and the Devil. This work of art seems to be a depiction of Psalm 23. The knight is walking through “the valley of the shadow of death,” and passes death itself as well as the devil. The knight seems unaffected by the other two characters and looks determined in his resolve to walk past them without fear.

Durer and math

A compilation of geometry books, Four books on measurement, was completed by Albrecht Durer in an attempts to show readers how proper measurements should be taken and recorded. There is a distinct correlation between the art of Durer and the measurements he held to. Instead of opting for a free-flow style of art, Durer was meticulous in calculating his measurements when creating art. While Durer is today better known for his art, he was very well respected in his day for his contributions of geometry to the mathematical world.

Albrecht Durer lives on in his art and many art lovers hold him in high regard as a significant contributor to the renaissance. His recipe for art included ingredients of religious conviction, as well as precise geometry. He also lives on in his contribution to math because of his love for geometry and measurements. Albrecht Durer was certainly a man of many dimensions and talents.

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