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Most Useful Resources Where You Can Search for Argument Essay Topics

An argument essay is a popular writing assignment in high school and college courses that asks a student to thoroughly investigate a topic by collecting and evaluating evidence and establishing a position or side on the topic. Like all great writing, argumentative essays require that you present your topic and argument in a clear and concise way. For many writing the essay isn’t a problem; the trouble comes in finding a great topic to write about.

Here is a list of useful resources where you can search and find argumentative essay topics:

  • Online Lists: Doing a simple search for “argumentative essay topics” will produce dozens of websites that have long lists of easy topics to write on or start from. Just keep in mind that hundreds of students search for these lists and it’s not uncommon for your instructor to read one or two essays on the exact same topic. The best approach is to take a few items from the list and develop.
  • Media Websites: Media websites are often a great source for finding argumentative topics that are trending or recent in some way in the world. Each topic is usually accompanied by dozens of opinion pieces and sub-topics that can be further developed. Just be weary of basing your essay on a source that isn’t nationally recognized as a credible source. While opinion or gossip pages can inspire an essay topic, you shouldn’t necessarily use the information they present as fact.
  • Television/Print/Radio: Every hour of every day there is some news story being discussed either on television, in print articles or newspapers, or on the radio that can easily be turned into a topic worth discussing. The best part is that you will be exposed to a wide range of subjects, so you will be able to choose a topic that interests you or one that you already have some knowledge about.
  • Friends/Family: Just participating in discussions with your friends and family can give you lots of ideas for a great argumentative paper. Everything from sports to fashion to the latest reality T.V. gossip can be the source of a great paper. There are some topics, however, that are more appropriate for your grade level and course than others. You probably don’t want to write about who got voted off the desert island when the assignment comes from a college professor.
  • Instructor/Tutor: Why not just ask your instructor or tutor for some ideas? They’re likely to have ready-made lists of potential topics and can provide you with some insight as to what it is they expect from you in your writing. Even if you find a topic on your own, you might want to take the opportunity to run your ideas by your instructor or tutor to get some early feedback on your assignment.

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