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Five Good Suggestions On How To Start Off A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a common homework assignment. Students can look at this as another boring assignment or as a learning challenge allowing them to grow. The latter is the better idea because it can lead to a higher grade. Starting off a narrative essay should follow a couple of very easy steps.

  1. Consider the Topic. You may be given the title or asked to select one. Either way, you should not just sit down in front of the keyboard and start typing. A few minutes of thought can give you a direction in which to take the composition. Don’t be surprised, but that direction might lead you to an A+.

  2. Do a Draft of the Opening Paragraphs. Doing a draft helps you get your thoughts better organized. This is not the final copy and you make some changes and revisions. The selection of words and developing sentences into thoughts will be very important.

  3. Grab Attention from the Beginning. You do not want the readers to just glance through your composition. Use the opening sentences as a way to gain their attention and curiosity. If they are interested they will slow down a little bit and read the narrative carefully. Commanding attention will require some very good sentences in the beginning, which will make a person want to keep on going.

  4. Be Careful about Being Wordy. If you have a limit the number of words permitted in the essay, you do not want to use all of them in the beginning. Remember to keep the opening to just a few sentences and let the body of the piece tell the story.

  5. Consider Writing the Opening Last. This may sound a bit peculiar but it’s possible you have the body of the essay already formed in your mind. For the sake of time efficiency it may be best to write the body and conclusion first. The opening can always be done to reflect what you’ve already written. What is important here is that you are avoiding writer’s block.

With a little imagination you can write a narrative essay that is amazing. You should think of this assignment as a way to be able to creatively express yourself and draw pictures in the mind of the reader. Narratives are a means of developing your writing style and they should not be boring works of text. Take a little time to develop your narrative and give it the best you have. The consequence will be a very nice grade on the top of the paper when it is handed back to you.

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