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High School Essay Topics: A List Of Unique Ideas

There are lots of issues that may serve as interesting ideas for your high school essay. If you have a personal concern for the topic, you will definitely be inspired, fully use your creativity, and come up with a great piece of writing. Here is a list of unique topic ideas for you to choose from.

  1. Changing our habits to preserve nature.
  2. Reflect on the issue of environment. What can each of us do daily to improve the situation?

  3. Marriage: what is it for you?
  4. Is marriage all about love? Do you agree that it is a necessary step for family creation? Do you support the conventional model of a married couple?

  5. How can our world be made a better place to live?
  6. In your high school essay, make your suggestions on how to make our surrounding better. Is it all about comfort? Or do you stand for more entertainments?

  7. Improving current education system: your suggestions.
  8. If you were responsible for structuring education system, what changes would you introduce?

  9. Who is your idol?
  10. Is there anybody you admire and want to resemble? Why is this person that particular?

  11. Money management: what is your attitude towards the issue?
  12. Is money important? Should it be wasted or saved? Support your position in the essay.

  13. Stress management: what is the best way to overcome the stressful situation?
  14. How do you usually cope with stress? Do you have any secret tricks?

  15. Bullying and teasing: why do people do that?
  16. In your essay, think of the reasons for abusing peers. Do you agree that these are the bullies who have problems?

  17. Love and family life.
  18. Do you believe that love transforms into something deeper during the years of family life? Or is love simply dying? What example did your parents show?

  19. Book that made your life.
  20. Do you have a special book that considerably changed your world outlook? Why is it that special?

  21. Politics in your life.
  22. Are you interested in political life? In your essay, share your ideas on some political issue.

  23. Sports unite?
  24. Do you agree that the sports command games are the best tools of building strong relationships?

  25. Being patriotic: your view.
  26. Reflect on patriotism in your essay. Are you patriotic? How can you prove it?

  27. Why is your mom special?
  28. In what way is your mother different from the other women?

  29. Fighting fear.
  30. What is your worst fear? In your essay, share your personal methods of overcoming fears.

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