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How to Come Up with Easy Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

When you need a list of topics for persuasive essays, keep in mind the type of topics that high school students can understand or that they care about. When a student has an interest in the subject, the paper will be better because they care. Consider the following categories when assigning essay topics for high school students writing persuasive essays. The students can take either the pro or con side of each of the topic ideas.


  • Going Green-young people care about the environment and are passionate about being green and living a green life style
  • Cuba Relationships-you will find that the students are either very for or very against the United States normalizing relations with Cuba
  • Ipad and Laptop Schools-since this topic will impact the students directly, they will have much to say about this topic
  • Home Schooling-though less people home school than they used to do, you may find that the students have opinions on the subject
  • Battery Operated Cars-is the battery or electric car a feasible option for fuel savings and conservation
  • Year Round School-this educational idea has either been loved or hated greatly
  • Required Community Service Hours for Graduation-some schools require their students to have service hours or a service project before the student can graduate
  • Early High School Graduation-some schools allow for students to graduate early and some schools do not, this would make for a great topic she it relates to student directly
  • Pre-College Classes and Programs at High Schools-should high schools offer pre-college programs
  • Starting the School Day Later- studies have shown that students need to sleep later to achieve optimum performance, kids will probably agree with this idea
  • Free College-a movement pushing for free college for high school students has recently begun, kids will have very definite ideas about this idea
  • Legalization of Marijuana-this is a current and very relevant topic that kids will love writing about
  • High School Work Study Programs in High School-should high schools offer work study programs or is that too ambitious for students
  • The Monarchy-Are monarchies still relative in this modern time or should they be eliminated

Students like to argue when they are passionate about a topic. As long as they can support their passions with strong and credible support, they should be able to take their passion and interest and compose a fine paper.

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