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A List Of Impressive Topics For Essays: 10 Great Suggestions

There will always be a new essay topic you can try. You may come up with several daily or simply have access to a large number that you can attempt on a whim. This is a good idea for any of the following reasons:

By writing regularly you train yourself to be a better writer

This means that you get a chance to see your worst mistakes up close repeatedly which can encourage you to adjust them. You will also be able to compare more of your own work to exemplary samples that you have access to. Over time this will help you improve.

You can see which types of topics you are most successful with

By doing this you will know what essay would be better for you to select under exam conditions. If you have enough time, you could even work on your trouble areas so that the types of concepts you have difficulty working with at first become simpler to you.

You can create a portfolio of your work

This serves two purposes. Firstly you will be able to show your work to others easily. Secondly, you will be able to see your progress over time. Sometimes the piece you were most proud of can become ridiculous to you with the wisdom of a few more years. This is just further proof of your ability to improve.

Here are some of the essay concepts you can consider exploring:

  1. How can cities develop more sustainably?
  2. Are craft based professions inherently more satisfying than those that take place in offices?
  3. Ocean Life: How floating cities can cure the looming land shortage crisis
  4. Is voluntary euthanasia an economically viable solution for the low birth rate?
  5. Should children be encouraged to live on their own if they are more financially capable than their adult guardians?
  6. Can carpal tunnel syndrome be considered a sign that office jobs are hazardous to human health?
  7. Beyond the Capitalist Communist divide: How new economies emerge that fir neither category neatly
  8. Should children be made aware of where their meat comes from at an early age?
  9. How long before all jobs are done online?
  10. Should schools focus on the development of extra sensory perception as well as academic abilities?

The point of these is to encourage you to think and come up with new ideas. Don’t let their strangeness intimidate you.

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