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What to Include into Conclusion Paragraphs of Your Essay

The ending of the essay, the Conclusion, needs to be as important as as the other two parts. Just as the Introduction grabs the attention and introduces the reader to the essay. The conclusion needs to bring them to a finalized ending, that answers any remaining questions. Every essay is different, but there are standards that need to be done, and some that are optional. This will show the student some of both hat will help them.

  1. Review the Main Points
  2. Answer Open Thoughts
  3. Pose a Challenging Thought/Query
  4. Add an extra quote
  5. Show a comparative View
  6. Request a Response

Review the Main Points

One thing all essays should do, is to review their main points. Do not review the whole essay, that is not needed. Just the main points to keep them in active in the reader’s mind.

Answer Open Thoughts

Again, this is something all essay needs to do. No matter how well the writer tries to close every thought in the paper, there are always one or two that remain. Use the conclusion to close these thoughts, and help finalize the paper.

Pose a Challenging Thought or Query

This is something that can help some essays. End the conclusion with a thought or question that leaves the reader thinking about the paper. This can be done by using one of the important issues of the paper. “If the Meteor had not killed off the dinosaurs, would we be human, or intelligent dinosaurs?’

Add an Extra Quote

Using a last resource is something most, if not all essays should have in their conclusions. It brings in more finalization to the ending. It should not be on another subtopic, but something that was already covered. In fact, this could be combined with the challenging thought or query.

Show a Comparative View

Using an image, graph, chart, or statement, show another view that supports the points made in the essay. Maybe the student has seen something that caused this point of view. Or maybe some work they have been doing, helped bring this view. It can be added in the conclusion to give it more substance when finishing the paper.

Request a Response

In some essays, there is a call to action that needs spoken. The conclusion is the perfect place to ask for this. Asking before all the issue is discussed, will not get much of a response. No matter how valid the reason is.

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