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How to become an expert in writing an essay introduction

The introduction of the essay is the most important part of the essay. This is where you have to present your topic to your audience and tell them why you felt the need to address this topic. You have to give the readers a hint of what they are going to read in the rest of the essay. The quality of a good writer is that he can write in a way which can keep the readers engaged. In your academic career, you will have to write many essays on different levels, and about various subjects. Essay writing is a skill that is taught to the students as early as first grade. As they are promoted to higher grades the complexity of the essay and the variety of the topics increase.

There are many different types of essays from argumentative to discussion. Different essays need to be formatted differently, however every essay has an introduction, followed by a body and finally a conclusion. In order to be able to write quality essays you have to be an expert in writing essay introductions

Stay brief

A very important thing you must remember about an introduction is that it should be brief and should stay to the point. It should clearly state the topic of the essay. It should be able to give a background to your topic. A good introduction also reveals what will be discussed in the rest of the essay

Hook the reader

The next thing an introduction should be able to do is engage the reader. You should identify your target audience and write in a way that will seem attractive to them and can grab their attention. An introduction is the opening of your essay and if you cannot hook the reader here, it is most likely that he will not read the rest of your essay

Build curiosity

Do not give the reader all the information in the beginning, keep giving them enough to keep their interest. Build curiosity in your audience by stating some astonishing facts and figures about the subject. Identify and highlight the issue and explain how you will address it. However, you don’t have to include your research findings here. Wait for the right time to come.

Above all, writing a good essay introduction needs concentration, devotion, information and a lot of practice.

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