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Structuring an Essay: Writing Great Body Paragraphs


Essays are one of the central parts of an academic career, so learning to write them well is very important. Many people have trouble with introductions and conclusions, but not much instruction is focused on the actual body of an essay. The body of the essay is the majority of the essay itself. Therefore, it is very important to do it correctly. Use everything you've learned in English class, be wary of varying the length of your sentences, and keep track of your thought process. It is important to keep focus, state your ideas in a logical manner, and engage with the reader.

Keep Focus

When writing a body, it is important to make sure each paragraph in the body has a clear purpose, weather explicit or implicit. It is common for beginning writers to write about several ideas in the same paragraph, but these defeats the point of paragraphs in the first place. Instead, give each paragraph a purpose. It needs to convey only one idea. When you limit yourself in this way, you stop adding unnecessary information and going on tangents, which would make your paper a huge mess. Your papers have topic sentences for a reason, so make sure to use them!

Present your facts and ideas in a logical manner

In an essay, you are going to have many ideas you are trying to present to the reader. This is what your body is for in your essay. However, if you just throw facts at your reader, it is going to be very hard to communicate your ideas effectively. What you should be doing instead is to make sure that your reader is engaged with you paper, and one of the important aspects of this is to make sure that you maintain a logical consistency with your ideas. When you have a paper's topic sentences, be sure to have some logical manner with which you introduce ideas. For example, start with less important details, and then get to the more important ones. Organizing your thoughts by cause and effect is also very effective.

Engage with the reader

When writing body paragraphs you need to keep the reader interested, and to do that you need to keep the reader engaged mentally with what you are writing. To do this, you must essentially write well. Vary the length of your sentences, use imagery, and emotion if appropriate, and be interesting. Do not use passive voice, and make sure that you pay attention to the wording of your sentences. Nature abhors an awkward sentence, so make sure that you do not do this. Instead, focus on and implement the elements of style.

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