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Easy Tips on Writing an Essay: 4 Main Stages of the Writing Process

Why are students subjected to write so many academic essays? Academic essays present an excellent opportunity for a person to show his skills especially in the analytical and thinking sides. Therefore, it is very important to write a good essay which has an excellent topic. Here are some of the key tips to write a good essay.

Stage 1: Interest

Any person who has successfully written a good essay will tell you that they wrote on a topic that they are very interested in. The topic should be one that you will have a lot of fun writing.

Stage 2: Familiarity

It is very important to write an essay on a topic that you are very familiar with. For instance, if your skills are in physics, you should always ensure that you write an essay on physics. The same is true if your skills are in sociology. Another reason for selecting a topic that you have prowess in is that of researching less because you have a lot of knowledge on it.

Stage 3: It should be manageable

Do your best to find a research topic that you can manage to work on. Many people mess up by going for research papers that are very complicated. A good example is the issue of global warming. Here, you need to understand that this is a very wide area and if you decide to do so, it will take you a lot of time. Its not very necessary for you undergraduate course. Find a simple topic one that is also manageable.

Stage 4: Interesting

The topic that you decide to use should be very interesting. As stated above, the topic should be both manageable and also on a subject you love. Since you want to have a very interesting time when writing the essay, select a topic that is very interesting to you. For instance, if you decide to write on Christianity, it should be a topic that you have a lot of interest in. Another aspect is on tweaking a topic that has been covered before. For instance, a topic on climate change has been covered before. However, you can introduce another dimension on it and make sure that it is very interesting. A good example is in soccer. When you want to write about soccer, you will find that it is a very wide subject that can’t be handled on a single paper. However, you can introduce an aspect of the impacts of religion to the soccer world.

When you take your time to focus on these elements, you will have a good time when writing an excellent essay.

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