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A List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics For University

An argumentative essay requires that a writer assert his or her opinion, theory and reasoning in a persuasive way. This means that you have to collect a lot of information and make a presentation that is compelling and unique. Such an argument must be supported by new information, statistics and facts. It also must discredit any other theory and technically knock it out to ensure that only your idea survives.

Choosing a topic

The topic gives an idea of what your work is all about. You are not allowed to deviate from the topic when constructing the body of your argumentative essay. This means that the choice of topic must be regarded as a serious undertaking. What guides your choice of topic?

  • Your area of study- essays are written for all disciplines. Ensure that your topic sticks to the discipline in which you are registered e.g. business, sociology, science, etc.
  • Your passion- because of the level of persuasion required when writing an argumentative essay, select a topic in an area you are passionate about. It makes it easier to find materials and construct your argument.
  • Scope- essays are written for different academic levels. The unit you are studying has a scope that must be captured in your essay. This limits your work so that you do not go for a topic that is beyond your grasp to the extent that it cannot be handled in a simple paper.

There are numerous topics to choose from based on the instructions issued by your tutor. The basic considerations include ensuring that your topic is:

  1. Unique and original
  2. Precise, clear and to the point
  3. Fresh
  4. Relevant

Here is a list of the latest topics that will guarantee a compelling argumentative essay for different disciplines.

  1. Romantic love is the wrong foundation for marriage
  2. War on terror has increased terrorism activities around the world
  3. High school graduates should delay entry into college by a year
  4. Both parents should share the responsibility of raising the child equally
  5. Team sports help in nurturing a desirable character in the player
  6. Technology has made people lazier
  7. The choice of the college course to pursue should be left solely to the student
  8. Higher taxes on junk foods and soft drinks would encourage healthy eating
  9. Zoos are prisons for animals and should therefore be abolished
  10. Capital punishment for killers is unreasonable justice

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