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The Structure Of A 7th Grade Five-Paragraph Essay Outline: Tips To Remember

The essay is a common tool for most academics and it is often used to convey ideas, discoveries, or simply to describe an item or situation to the rest of the world. Five paragraph essays are quite common, they’re easy to write, read and digest when written properly. They can be quite effective at delivering a message or convincing a reader of a particular notion or point of view, without being too long and drawn out. Mastering the art of this composition can be a powerful tool for any academic and it can be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Thesis statement or introduction
  2. This may be the most important part of any paper and careful attention should be paid to its construction. Your statement must drive a strong argument or make a bold claim, both to be proven right and also to provoke interest in the topic. This opening paragraph also serves to guide the reader into seeing the issue from you point of view.

  3. Presentation of arguments or evidence
  4. With any debate, it is necessary to back up your claims and show proof of concepts. Any information presented must be verifiable either through actual experimentation or from trusted sources.

  5. Analysis of data
  6. Try to be completely objective when discussing your points and drawing interpretations of the data you have collected. This section focuses simply on finding connections between the data and related issues without trying to drive your point through. Every bit of evidence is studied closely to explore all possible causes and effects in detail without any influence from personal bias.

  7. Discussion
  8. In this section you clearly state your view and interpretation of the data, giving your reasons and supporting evidence. It is no longer a matter of being analytic, your intention here is to drive your point homes leading up to the final closing statement. You can fully express your opinions, provided they are supported by data.

  9. Conclusion statement
  10. This is likely to be the last thing you say to your readers and it serves its purpose best when it is concise, specific and thought provoking while being fully supported by empirical data. Think about it at length before finalizing your conclusion statement, it not only ends your paper nicely, it also serves to leave the reader with a feeling of closure after considering all the points and information you presented before.

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