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Tips and tricks on how to write an academic essay

As a student in high school or college you are going to have to write a number of academic essays. The score or mark you get in these essays will largely determine the success of your graduation. The better you can become at writing academic essays the greater your chance of getting an excellent graduation score. The tips and tricks listed below are not new. They have been around for ages. But they are also proven and if you can lock away most if not all of these following tips and tricks you might very well see the results of your academic essays improve out of sight.

  • Did you answer the question?
  • Does the first sentence of your introduction grab the attention of the reader?
  • Do the points of your argument build in intensity and value?
  • Have you collected all the ideas and information relevant to your topic?
  • Have you got a timetable which you can easily use to chart your progress?

So many students write a brilliant essay and get a poor mark and wonder why. It is because they have failed to answer the question. You are better off starting slowly and making sure that you know what you are to write about. Good writing which is irrelevant is bad writing.

Remember that the person reading your academic essay is probably your teacher or professor and it is a fact of life that they have to read hundreds if not thousands of essays. Don't let them fall asleep before they get to the punchline. Start with a cracking opening sentence.

And if you are building an argument throughout your essay you need to structure it in such a way that you ramp up the value of your argument, the truth of your argument with each point you make. You can help yourself by creating an excellent plan or routine in which you list the most important point first.

If you try a simple exercise such as brainstorming, you can be sure that you will have collected all the ideas and information relevant to the topic of your academic essay. It's better to have too much information and then pick and choose rather than to have not enough information.

By having a simple but structured timetable, you are able to work towards the completion of your academic essay without stress or panic. You set yourself milestones over the period of time you have in which to create the essay. You are able to tick off every milestone once you reach it.

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