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Homeostasis - Hydration And Exercise

Dehydration is possibly the most common condition associated with exercise and the lack of proper hydration. When a person becomes dehydrate they do not have enough water in their bodies and when it gets sever their body will begin to shut systems down in order to conserve the water. But alas, dehydration is not the only problem to be on the lookout for when it comes to exercising. Too much water may result in what is known as hyponatremia where the sodium levels in the body are too low. This can be just as dangerous as dehydration, and even more so because far fewer people know about it. That's why is so very important to maintain a good balance of hydration and to be sure you are using the right liquids to stay hydrated which you exercise and workout.

Staying hydrated is the most important part of having a safe and successful exercise regimen. Whether you have sweat pouring down your face or just a light shimmer on your skin, you are losing water while you exercise. Though heavy sweating will use up the water in your body faster it is often less likely to lead to dehydration because people notice it. When you sweat you are more likely to remember to drink and replace what was lost. It is when you are not sweating as much that it can slip your mind and you do not realize how much you really are losing. Working out in cool environments and in cold months can make it harder to gauge just how much you need to drink. This is a hidden danger of dehydration many people do not think about until they start to feel the dehydration effects and realize they have been working out for an hour without drinking anything.

The other important part of being safe and smart while you exercise is to use the right type of fluids while exercising. Most experts recommend that you drink 8 ounces of a drink every 20 minutes- preferably a sports drink or water. If your exercise regiment is only going to be for 30-40 minutes, water is fine. However, for longer sessions you will need to include a sports drink into your hydration intake. Sports drinks have salts and sugars that help maintain the right balance in your body. Without the right balance of water, salt, and sugar your body’s systems can be thrown out of whack and you put yourself at risk for hydration issues. Be smart and use water and sports drinks for your hydration regiment.

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