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How To Write A One-Page College Essay In A Day: A Detailed Guide

Have you ever thought that you cannot write a one-page college essay in one day? You could actually be wrong. All it takes is following certain guidelines and before you know it, your academic paper is ready to be submitted. So, if you are ready to prove to your college committee what you can actually do, follow the guidelines below and finish your paper on the same day.

  • Do away with distractions: If you are writing your academic paper and at the same time updating your status on Facebook, trust me, you will never finish that paper the same day.
  • Concentrate on writing a good paper: A good number of students are so obsessed with writing a paper that will see them scoring high that they lose focus. When you channel your attention on these external rewards, it does nothing but eliminate the fun in writing and make it look like you are being punished. To avoid such situation, concentrate on writing a very good and interesting essay, let the fun begin and by the time you finally edit and submit the finished paper, the grades will follow.
  • Write as much as possible: When you try to dodge doing the bulk of the work and would rather leave it for a later time, time ends up creeping in on you and the work is not finished.
  • Choose a unique angle: Since this type of paper can be on any topic or about anything, it gives you the opportunity to write about something that thrills you. Go for a topic that brings out the best in you, one you are sure to enjoy writing about. This helps you to write from a different angle than other students who are writing the same essay.
  • Start early: When you form the habit of waiting till a day to the deadline of your paper before you start writing, you might finish the paper as you rush through it but believe me, you will definitely not have a good paper to submit to the college committee. Is that the kind of first impression you want to create in your college?
  • Take things easy: This is one of the reasons why you don’t have to wait till the last minute before you start writing your essay. You should start on time so that you can sit back, understand fully what you are supposed to write and finally, you can start writing. With this method, you will enjoy the whole writing and editing process.
  • Stick to the rules and guidelines: Every paper has writing guidelines. The same thing applies to your one-page college paper. When you stray from the guidelines, you will end up starting all over again and you know what that means.