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Academic Tips for Students: How to Write a Good Essay in College

There is no single way to write great college essays, because every subject has specific requirements and often different formats and essential elements. However, each essay is designed to test your ability to present information and arguments in a cogent and coherent fashion. Because of this basic criteria, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you are making the most of each assignment and getting good grades. So, how can you write a good college essay? Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Idea

    The single most important aspect and part of the writing process is the thinking before you even pick up your pen or laptop; spend a good deal of time thinking about your subject and how you will approach it. A good idea is 50% of the way to a good essay.

  2. Argument

    Once you have your idea you need to think about how you will present it: you might be writing an essay about a novel, and you might want to demonstrate that a theme is crucial to that novel. To do this, you must find evidence that supports your argument.

  3. Research

    Once you have an idea and an argument to present, you need to know whether anyone has written on this before; if you do not do this then you may simply replicate an existing argument, reducing the impact of originality of your work. Also, by reading background and secondary sources you can find good sources to back up your argument.

  4. Present Two Sides

    To make a really good argument you need to show that you understand any criticism of your approach, and that your argument is robust enough to accommodate this. Your ability to argue will also be demonstrated here, and that will earn you marks.

  5. Clear Writing

    In order to achieve all of the above, you need to ensure that your writing is clear, uncluttered and that it expresses precisely what you want to say. Do not try to be too clever with your language, as this can confuse the reader.

  6. Clear Conclusion

    Make sure that you tell the reader, in the conclusion, precisely what you feel that your essay has accomplished. In the conclusion, you can make sure that the reader gets what you want them to get.

Just follow these tips and you can write great quality essays that will get great marks!

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