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Composing A Decent Negation Definition Essay: Helpful Directions

No matter what form or field of education you are associated with, you must have had to write an essay at some point of time. However, it is very common to miss out on the details. There are many different types of essays, like descriptive or definition and many different ways of writing them, like using negation or statement. Out of these, writing definition essays can be the most difficult, and more so if you have to write them using negation.

What is definition essay and how does negation fit in

Definition essay means you need to define a word. It sounds simple, but it is perhaps one of the most complex things you need to write ever. The definition needs to be something you feel, not plagiarized, and it needs to be correct or acceptable as well. It needs to be long and it should cover all the points there is to cover.

Moreover, if you are using negation, you need to show what the word does not mean in order for the readers to understand what it actually is. Sounds complicated? Well it probably is. Say, if you are defining the word selfish, you can write selfish people do not help others or think about others. What this statement actually implies is that selfish people think only about themselves and help themselves only.

Few points that can help you to write better

  • Choose a word that you know about. You need to write many things about it, to make it lengthy.
  • Choose a word that is very complicated. It must be something that has a meaning which needs interpretations and analysis.
  • It is better to choose a word that has more than one meaning. In this way you can write on all the different meanings.
  • Although you cannot copy the dictionary definition, you can take some hints from it.
  • Find out where the word comes from, the origin of the word, and what it meant in the original language and form.

Using negation, a few points

  • Use negation in some places, not all the places. Although you are required to write a definition essay using negation, you need to use it wisely.
  • Use genuine meanings and definitions at places. That should help in highlighting the negations.
  • Do not go for too complex structures, like negation of a negation to revert to the original meaning.

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