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Writing A Good Middle School Explanatory Essay: Things To Remember

An explanatory essay has to be read with precision, but also with elaboration. You have to tackle the topic with full exercise; contemplating why it happened and how it could have happened better. You also need to present the readers the actual instance in a wholesome way.

There are a few things to remember while writing an explanatory essay

  • Facts; not opinions – It is in the nature of an expository essay; thus you should not put your opinions on the front-seat but let the facts and figures do the talking. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up all contributing facts and even the related ones to make your piece of work more emphatic.
  • Assess viewpoints – If the topic revolves around a human event, you have to note the viewpoints of the humans involved. It is taken that different people may have people opinions about the feasibility or validity of the event. Some may have been right in their assumption while some may have been duly ethical. Pinpoint them.
  • Be elaborate – Give a thorough sketch to what led to the event and how it actually came into being. Of course, the explanatory essay may also be on a stance or a malady. In any case, give due explanations of the conditions leading to the actuality of situation.
  • Proper research – You cannot afford to be frivolous with your preparation. While it is difficult for middle school students to course through books and journals, at least you can check the newspaper articles and online tidbits on the topic.
  • An apt conclusion – The conclusion should bring about the whole essay in a refined manner. The whole work should be so streamlined that it becomes self-sustaining; almost an authority on the subject.

Here are 10 explanatory essay topics for your reference

  1. Explain why George Bush Sr. did not capture Saddam Hussain in the 1991 Kuwait War
  2. Explain the psychological mindset of a thoroughly obese person
  3. Explain the reasons why FDR had to bring about the New Deal
  4. Explain the rigorous disaster management methods put in place after tsunami 2004
  5. Explain how communication is affected between doctors and assistants to ensure efficiency in healthcare centers
  6. Explain how terrorists are prepared for their Jihad
  7. Explain the deep-rooted patriarchy prevalent in most Asian countries
  8. Explain the significant steps taken by USA and USSR to outwit one another during Cold War
  9. Explain the fundamental reason behind inherent attributes like jealousy or gluttony
  10. Explain why most African countries continue be backward despite vast natural resources

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