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Strong Tips on Writing a Good Essay in 30 Minutes

If you are trying to write a good essay in 30 minutes it is important that you first ensure all of the pieces are there.

  • You should review the guidelines given to you by the teacher and list all of the sections you need to cover. Write down the purpose of your essay so you do not miss it. If the instructions say to compare or contrast then choose one or the other. But if the instructions say compare AND contrast then you need to do both.
  • Come up with a topic sentence for each paragraph.
  • Create your thesis.
  • Write the introduction. Then paraphrase the introduction in order to churn out a conclusion.
  • You can ensure the body paragraphs are short and sweet with 3-4 sentences each and a piece of supporting evidence for each argument you present.
  • Using one or two main sources to support your arguments will cut down on the time you spend with citations which will help you finish in 30 minutes too.

Tip: The conclusion is meant to be something of a restatement of the introduction but it should also be unique. Do not copy word for word. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to reword their introduction a bit and using that as the conclusion but that is not the way to do it. You have to cover the same information in a new and unique way and make sure that it bolsters the other content of the essay.

Tip: The intro is a map to where the reader will go but doesn’t give evidence. The conclusion is more like a map of where they have been in the past. That is what the conclusion is for. Primarily as a recap tool and something that will tell the reader exactly where they have been in the past and how to move forward in the proper way. Don’t make yourself wait until the very end to write the end. You can do it at any time and no person should have to do it late. The conclusion may come at the end of that paper but that doesn’t mean you need to write it last. There are plenty of other places that it could be written that will not play a huge role in the overall outcome and the draft should start to occur early on in the writing of your paper.

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