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How to Write a Quality Essay Intro, Body, and Conclusion

Essays can be difficult for some more than others. Writing them can be tricky but they do follow a predictable pattern that you can get the hang of in order to better write them. Essays have an introduction, a body and a conclusion no matter how long or short they may be. Knowing what to do for each separate part of an essay can make them easier to write. Here you will explore exactly what goes into each part of the essay to better understand how to properly write one with good quality and few mistakes.

Parts of an essay

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion


The introduction of an essay is the first impression you give the reader. It is where you give the reader an idea of what the essay is about. You want to give them an idea of what the essay is centered on without using any of your prime material that you will need later in the body of the essay. You just want to give them a taste of the topics point, introduce the point. Remember that you have to have enough information to fill the rest of the essay so you can’t give away the best in the beginning.


The body of the essay is where all of the really important information goes. Each paragraph should be centered on its own important point or fact. Every paragraph should be about one specific subject and make a specific point or express a specific idea. The body of the essay is where all of the information that backs up your points goes.


This is the point in the essay when you sum up your points, remind the reader of the main point and close the essay gracefully. It must feel like an ending. An essay is not the type of thing in which you leave them wanting more. The conclusion should mean that the essay feels done. This is an important part as well. You want the reader to be left with the feeling that they know what you’re trying to say and they feel as if they understand your points and get the feeling that the essay is done.

There is a lot of pressure when writing an essay to write well. Knowing what goes where can only help with that. All of these guidelines should help you to be on your way to a better essay writing experience all together.

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