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Basic Rules For Composing An Outline For A Critical Analysis Essay

Writing a critical analysis means, you have to create an evaluation of the work you are considering for your assignment. This requires you to stay objective and perform a detailed check of the work by considering both its strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of such assignments is to focus on the critical thinking skills of the students and teach them to view other works with objectivity. This would also require you to stay open to learning because you may come across new dimensions during your research

Usually you start a critical analysis with a summary of the given work and then build your arguments. You have to begin with providing a precise summary of the work to the audience so that they know what you are addressing. You have to make sure that you stay precise and discuss all the important aspects worth considering in your analysis. To be able to write better, you should start with building an outline

You might be wondering how to create a strong outline for your paper because this is your first experience writing a critical analysis essay. The outline of your paper acts as the roadmap because you organize all your data in relevant places and use the outline to write your essay. This is important as it reduces your time and efforts. It is important while creating your outline that you stay precise and avoid adding irrelevant descriptions

Here is how you should create an outline for your critical analysis

  1. Introduction
    1. Determine the work which you are analyzing
    2. Show your main thesis about the work
    3. Show the scope of your work and how you will prove your arguments in the paper
  2. Summary of the work you are analyzing- This does not have to be detailed, you only have to show enough to help the readers understand your arguments
  3. The arguments you develop
  4. The major argument you develop for your assignment would also have the sub arguments, supporting evidence and data. You have to show here that how your argument is valid. You can include 3 or more supporting points for each major argument in your paper

  5. Conclusion
    1. Restate your thesis statement and the argument
    2. Show the larger significance of your work and the way you proved it right
    3. Show the potential for future research and analysis

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