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10 Great Othello Essay Topics That Will Help You Create An Impressive Paper

Writing an essay is quite a challenging task for students. They tend to avoid sitting for long hours and writing about boring and repetitive subjects. It is very important for the students to focus on their paper before they start writing anything down. To complete an essay in limited time, one needs to start on time, plan beforehand and move gradually to tackle one-step at a time. Othello is a tragedy play by Williams Shakespeare, which is based on short story by an Italian writer. The play is very interesting and takes different turns before unfolding the results. Othello was a Moorish fighter who married Desdemona against her father’s will. The other characters involved in the story have their own aims and benefits that they seek from ending this relationship. The play is a tragedy and shows how one man can actually ruin many lives and relations.

If you are to write an essay on Othello then you will need to carefully read the play and then compose the topics. You cannot think of a topic that relates to the play if you have not read it in detail.

Below are top ten great topics you can use for your essay about Othello

  1. The role of love, revenge, envy and betrayal in the Othello play
  2. Would Othello live a better life and have a different fate if it was not for Iago or if he did not believe in the false accusations about her wife and loyal companion
  3. Can you imagine if a piece of cloth can bring so much disaster in so many lives? Describe the role of the Othello’s handkerchief that he gave as a gift to Desdemona
  4. Is Desdemona, the wife of Othello, an obedient daughter or a woman of strong character? Explain your stance with examples from the play
  5. Why did the father in law said to Othello that his wife will leave him and not be loyal to him as she was not loyal to her father
  6. Throw light on the envy and revenge of Iago to Othello and Casio
  7. Compare the relationship between Desdemona and Othello with that of Emilia and Iago, what is the major role of loyalty in their lives
  8. Explain the reasons for why Othello committed a suicide
  9. Did Othello love Desdemona or was it mere attraction
  10. Does marriage mean utter loyalty

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