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Ordering a Tailor-Made Essay from a Freelance Writer

Getting a graduate essay online has become a both common and fairly simple practice these days. However, it’s possible to make some serious mistakes when ordering a custom written essay. There’s a lot of risk involved in potentially being flagged for plagiarism or cheating at your educational institution and as a result it’s a good idea to proceed with caution. These tips can help you find the right writer and receive a quality tailor-made essay with minimal risk.

Choosing a Provider

There are two main options to choose from when seeking a custom-written essay provider: individuals and companies. Both have different advantages and require somewhat different strategies. Individuals may be slightly more expensive (but not always), and may be a better bet if you are looking for a highly specialized assignment like a graduate essay. Many companies focus on those essays they can turn out in large numbers quickly, which is often not acceptable for graduate level coursework. Companies may have a more established reputation and have multiple writers on board in case the initial writer chosen has an emergency; many individual writers don’t have a back-up.

Selecting an Individual Writer

Even if you opt to go with an individual, you’ll want to go through a freelance provider site that allows individual writers to make accounts. That’s because these sites allow for safer payment options and often have a review and ratings system so you can determine the writer’s reputation.

Selecting a Company

Determine whether or not the company is well established. This is a must, especially for assignments as important as graduate level work. You’ll also need to communicate with the company to determine whether or not they employ writers capable of handling your assignment.

Other Considerations

Have a very clear idea in mind of what you would like to see in your final essay so that you can clearly state your expectations to the service provider. Include not only the assignment requirements but your personal preferences. Find out if revisions are included in the initial price or if there is an additional charge for them. Ask questions about charges for research, citations, and other work which may need to be completed in addition to the actual writing. Discuss seeing the essay in progress at key points—an outline, reviewing the introduction, etc. Finally, choose a date that gives you some leeway for the final deadline.

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