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Where Can I Find Unique Persuasive Essay Topics?

Persuasive essays can be a lot of fun to write if your topic is interesting. This kind of paper offers you a great opportunity to impress your teachers and classmates, so you should take this task very seriously.

Choosing an original and catching topic is essential for writing a successful persuasive essay. You will need to do a bit of research in order to find the best one. These are a few sources where you can get some interesting ideas:

    Professional publications on different subjects.

    If you are interested in a particular field, you should study all kinds of professional publications dedicated to it. This will allow you to stay on top of things because you will know all the important news. This reading will provide you with plenty of ideas.

    Social networks and forums.

    In case you are more interested in the common problems of current youth, you should spend some time perusing the most popular online discussions through various social networks and forums. There, you can learn what issues worry students the most.


    Read anything that comes your way. The more varied your reading material is, the wider your view of life will be. You will definitely find some inspiration when studying various books and articles. Reading high quality literature will also improve your writing skills.

    Online essay topic databases.

    There are dozens of websites that offer free lists of all kinds of essay topics. You can study them if you are short on ideas.

Examples of Interesting Topics

    If you cannot seem to find the topic that will truly make your essay stand out, consider the following suggestions:

    Does climate change threaten the future of the planet?

    This paper will need to explain how climate change affects different areas of life and nature. You will need to determine the reasons behind this phenomenon, and offer solutions that can reduce the damage. Is the death penalty more effective than a life term in jail?

    Explore the effects that these punishments have on convicts and society’s reaction to them. Study and compare crime rates in different states in order to determine which punishment system is more effective.

    Are violent video games responsible for the increase in the number of teenage crimes?

    Study the effects of video games on a teenager’s psyche, and determine whether they are indeed the reason behind the increased level of violence.

    Is the current drinking age satisfactory?

    Look into the statistics of teenage alcoholism, as well as crimes committed under the influence of alcohol. Can changing the legal drinking age limit change these numbers for the better?

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