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How to Do a Persuasive Essay Revision

The persuasive essay must contain certain elements. These elements are what makes an essay persuasive. For example, the writer takes a stand either for or against one side of an argument in an effort to win over the reader to their viewpoint.

The writer takes on the job of convincing the reader to accept a particular viewpoint. Therefore a lot of in-depth research must go into the essay because the reader must show a solid understanding of both sides of their argument. It’s not enough to show the writer’s view to be the correct one; they must also show the opposing view to be faulty.

Steps to revising a persuasive essay include:

  1. Make sure the argument is solid and the writer has supported their view as well as giving supporting evidence for why the opposing view is not valid.
  2. The writer’s position should be clear and succinct.
  3. Does the writer understand their audience?
  4. Does the essay show that the writer did their research? It shouldn’t rely on only one source.
  5. Are the key points clear and expressed in an organized fashion?
  6. Check the structure of the essay. Does it flow smoothly from one paragraph to another?
  7. Does the introduction capture the reader’s attention? Does it give an overview of what the argument will be covering?
  8. Each paragraph of the body should focus on one piece of the evidence. It should also provide enough detail to support the piece of evidence.
  9. Does the writer describe and then refute the opposing view? The key points should be covered.
  10. Does the conclusion effectively summarize the material presented in the body of the essay? Does it restate the thesis and summarize the supporting evidence?
  11. When all of the logical parts of the persuasive essay in steps 1-10 above have been checked and then revised as necessary, the last part of a good revision is a thorough proofreading. Check for syntax errors, spelling errors, typos, tense, and use of plurals and so on.

Even the best essay can crash and burn if not revised and proofread properly. You would be surprised at how much a good revision can polish up any essay and take it to the next level. If you have done your research and presented a good solid argument, your essay deserves the extra little bit of time that it takes to do a decent revision.

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