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Don't reveal your emotions when creating an expository essay

An expository essay is considered one of the easiest essay writing assignments. You provide a detailed explanation of how to do something or how something came about such as an event or process. In some cases it may be difficult to not show emotion if your topic is something personal in nature. You can avoid showing emotion by avoiding such topics. But, even if this is not the case, you want to make sure you understand the purpose behind the essay.

Think of Your Essay as a How-To Writing Guide

To avoid revealing emotions you need to consider the purpose of the essay. You are sharing a process in how something can be done or how something unfolded. You want to provide details that will get to this point clearly and quickly. In many cases when someone is helping you understand how to do something, usually no emotion is involved because you are focused on telling them what they need to know so they understand the purpose behind it. It is like when you start a new job and you are learning procedures related to job duties. The tone is calm but concise and clear.

Remember to Provide Facts and Not Opinions

When you are providing insight related to something that happened or how something should be done, you are presenting just the facts. Facts are information that is true and they lead to the action being done properly. The same is true if you are describing an event. You need to provide facts that are true so readers understand what exactly happened. If you try to fabricate it or add opinions it can change how something actually unfolded. You may leave readers with an impression that should have been avoided or completely unnecessary.

Show Your Understanding of the Topic with Personal Knowledge

When you present just the facts and what readers should know in order to understand how something came about, it shows you have a clear understanding of the topic. You will be able to show how someone can achieve something or show how something can be done properly in way readers can instantly relate to. Usually, showing emotion is not necessary because it does not relate to how something is done. It does not show connection to how someone can do something in a how-to manner.