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Writing essays can be complicated, so here are ten simple hints to get you through them!


Before you start writing, brainstorm as many ideas as you can think of. No idea is weird or wrong or bad. Just put them on paper. Then, prune it down to a few key ideas.


Use these key ideas and make a plan before you start writing properly. What is your essay about? What is your title? How are you going to structure it?

Have Three Points

Three is the magic number, and never more so than in an essay. Come up with three main points to focus on and build your essay around them.

Introduce and then Conclude

Your essay needs to be introduced. It can be a simple paragraph outlining in a vague way what you are going to talk about. Then conclude it, similarly outlining what has just been discussed. These should be brief and to the point, but they help the flow of the essay and give it that extra oomph.

Choose Something Interesting

Try to write an essay on a topic you are interested in. Sometimes you won’t get much choice on the matter, but if you do, pick an idea that resonates with you. It’ll be much easier to talk about what you are interested in.

Don’t be Boring

Similarly, don’t write a boring essay. Try to make your reader interested, too. Find a cool idea or come up with a good question to answer. Make your reader want to keep going.

Don’t Ramble

Rambling is poor writing. Keep your essay concise and to the point. Don’t get sidetracked. Keep going back to your plan to stay focused.


Don’t sit on your own and brood. If you’re having trouble, talk it over with a friend of family member or a colleague. Open dialogue can dislodge great ideas


Write First, Edit Later

Get your essay written first, then go back and edit it. Don’t start editing half way through your piece, you’ll only dishearten yourself.

Set Goals

Make small goals for you to hit, and then when you hit them, reward yourself. It might only be small things, ‘If I write 500 words I can grab a cup of coffee’ but these little goals and rewards will keep you focussed and make you stay on track. It also makes the whole process that bit more enjoyable.