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Obesity Amongst African Americans

A considerable amount of African Americans are considered overweight or obese. Many have poor eating habits, chronic health conditions, and even heredity to blame for this problem. There are some hidden concerns about this issue many seem like they don’t want to discuss. They know it is considered unhealthy to carry additional weight. In many cases their weight issues can be reversed or placed under control. Meaning, a few lack discipline necessary to live a healthier lifestyle. As more blacks deal with being overweight, some wonder what can be done to encourage them to take more responsibility for how they live if they expect to live a long life.

Obesity has caused health issues for both men and women. Even children have problems maintaining their weight when they don’t have a good role model to follow. Obese individuals are more susceptible to stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, and more. Few don’t live as long since they cut their life expectancy short. You are more likely to have a stroke or heart attack when you don’t eat right or exercise. Many African Americans admit they don’t exercise like they should.

African Americans like to eat a variety of foods, but what is known as “soul food” is what is being blamed for a good chunk of the obesity issue. Soul food is known as good comfort food, but it is often made with high sodium, calorie, sugar and fat content. Many blacks are literally conditioned to eat this type of food regularly. So trying to introduce a health food into the mix may have its challenges. There are those who do not exercise and if they have a health condition they fail to follow orders of the doctor.

African Americans have made some progress in reducing obesity. More are being smart about the foods they eat. Others are taking more drastic measures and completing surgery to have their stomach stapled. Obesity is not only a problem for African Americans, but other races as well have the same problem. Unless people slow down to take time to care for themselves properly, gaining excess amounts of weight will continue to be a problem. African Americans in this situation need to look at what they are doing and develop a reasonable plan to make positive changes for their health and well-being.

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