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Do You Really Need an Essay Example?

This is a good question, and one that is different for each student. Although different students need different levels of assistance when learning, they all can be good students. People grasp information differently from each other. Some need more help, some need basic help, and some need a lot of help. And then it depends on how a student learns the best, again each is different.

  1. The Type One
  2. The Type Two
  3. The Type Three
  4. The visual Learner
  5. Overview

The Type One

This type of student will likely not need the sample Essay. They grasp information easily and having a good set of guides down, they can do this pretty easily. Having the process of how to write an essay explained and their notes, they would be ready to go.

The Type Two

This is the intermediate level of learner. They grasp information well and process it well, but still have some issues. Having the process explained to them, and their notes may not be enough, or it might. Having a sample makes it a lot easier for them to work. Anything that can help them is useful even if they do not always need it.

The Type Three

These students are a bit slower, and need more help. They are the type that once they get it, they can do a lot with it. The issue is just getting the information down. For them, the sample would be a strong assistance. These are the types of students that have to fight through school, with poor grades. But once they get out and start working in the field, often excel over the type One student.

The Visual Learner

The Visual learner, can be of any of the above types. They learn better by seeing what they are doing, than by hearing or reading bout it. This is the type that would learn the most from the sample. Telling them how to do it helps to a minor degree, but seeing it, and letting them analyze it is best.


Do you really need an essay example? It is never a bad idea to have one, but not everyone does need it. And then some need it more than others. This is something that has to be viewed on an individual case. Would a student benefit from it even though they did not need it? They could very well.

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