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4 Good Reasons To Avoid Using Free Essay Samples

University is so full of classes and activities, and even some students work full-time. Most students are overwhelmed with homework and projects. It’s easy to think of a scenario where a student finds him or herself in a bind and resorts to copying an essay off the internet.

Taking a free sample essay seems like an easy fix, but it can get tricky. Not only could you get caught and feel embarrassed, but you could also be jeopardizing your whole academic career. To avoid these pitfalls, use them as a reference, but not as something to use.

Here are four reasons you should stay away from using samples as assignments.

  1. You could get a zero score for plagiarism. What is the point of saving time, when it just costs you more time later on? Well, there is no point! Taking an essay sample and using it word for word on an assignment is not a great solution. Your professor could check to see if it were plagiarized with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some universities also severely punish students for plagiarism. You could get expelled or kicked out for a period of time. Be careful and don’t plagiarize!
  2. These are not meant to be a final product! The samples that are posted by writing companies online are just to show that the company has a good idea of what an essay should look like. However, they probably did not put their best writing for free on their webpage. For the real thing, purchase a custom written paper. This will cost you a little, but the results would be enormously better than using their free sample.
  3. Samples are far too generalized. While they are an excellent way to understand how to structure an essay, they are terrible for writing on a particular topic. Use the grammar, style, and word choices in the example, but make sure to change the details, so it closely matches your topic.
  4. It does not help you learn. Even if you are unable to write quickly or beautifully enough to write your paper, you can still learn from reading a custom essay that you have purchased. In fact, you might just learn how to write more effectively by purchasing a custom paper. This will help you in the future academically. It will also help your wallet!

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