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Women In Terrorism

Involvement of women in terrorist dates back for a very long time. In the 1960s one of the most notorious hijackers in the world was a lady by the name Leila Khaled. She was politically affiliated and would do anything to help further the Palestinian course. She was beautiful and dangerous. She performed plastic surgery to help her take part in hijack missions. Despite her fame as a political terrorist, she was not among the first women in terrorist. There were others before her. However, it is now becoming more widespread and arouses a lot of questions why many women are into terrorism than in the past years. What has changed? Research shows that they account for a third of fighters and suicide bombers.


Most of the women involved in terrorism, are believed to have passion in political commitment. Most of them do it with a lot of pride. They feel equal to male colleagues that take part in terrorist activities. However, today many women are being used because it is easy for them to sneak around without getting notices. Women are not taken as killers because of their motherly nature. Again it is very hard to suspect a lady, especially by men. They sometimes get carried away with the beauty and respect for mothers. In addition, attacks carried out by women attract a lot of attention. It is unnatural for women to be involved in death. Therefore, when they are involved in terrorism and in horrific murders, they attract a lot of attention. This is the main reason they are being used by terrorists groups that seek attention. Again, it is easy for women to disguise themselves especially with the use of hijab. They can quickly pass through security checkpoint.

Mother Image

In Russia, Putin launched a campaign for women checkpoints. They commonly became known as the black windows. Some women also get into politics so as to show support for the political male prisoners. The male prisoners are sons and husbands to women. Since women are aware of the political status, they choose to support them by joining terrorist groups. They have set aside the mother image. Female terrorists are also more dedicated than male terrorists. This has led to their name Bombshell as used in the terrorist environment. Women have become more empowered and believe they can compete favorably with men. They believe that terrorism is not an exceptional and they can battle out with men.

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