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How to Start Writing an Essay Example: Organizing Your Time Properly

Writing an essay example is just like writing an essay. You need to be prepared for it before you can write it. Preparation is a large part of being able to write anything well. Having a plan is a great way to write better and more efficiently. Most people just leave that part out and they end up with sloppy essays and bad grades. If more people would take the time to organize their time better, than they would do better in general.

How to organize your time

  • Know every step of what needs to be done
  • Make a schedule that fits it all in
  • Stick to that schedule as much as possible

Know every step

Make sure going in that every step of the way is mapped out. Ever section needs its own allotment of time and so does any research needed or other preparations. Knowing what needs to be done gets you half way to doing it. Map out each and every task and write them down. Know every single thing that you need to do beforehand.

Make a schedule

Make up a schedule for when you will do research, how long it will take, when you will write which sections and how long they will each take and write it all down in the correct order. Once you know you have a schedule that gives you enough time to do each part make time in your day that you set aside to accomplish these tasks. This schedule can be of great help to you.

Stick to it

If you do not stick to the schedule then it does you no good. It is easy to say, well I’d rather be going out right now, but if you do that you will get off track. Make the schedule a priority and live by it. If you allow yourself to bend the schedule then it means nothing. Only go around it for things you cannot avoid doing instead. This system really works. It helps you to organize your time, get things done when they need to be done and eventually have a good essay example that you have planned for and worked hard on. That is the point of this whole thing. It is just a way to make better use of your time and efforts.

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