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What should be written in essay introduction and conclusions?

The essay has three main parts including the introduction, body, and conclusion. Many people have problems writing the introduction and the conclusion as they are both important parts of the context. Your topic will be introduced early and you should have a strong closing in the end. Each of these parts requires certain pieces of information to help them be strong on their own. The following points offer more details on both concepts to consider as you write them.

  • Essay introductions should include a strong opening and well-defined thesis statement. Your introduction will include a thesis statement that is the main idea behind the essay. This is a statement that can be a question, argument, or general idea that is purpose behind research. Your opening will include something engaging that grabs the reader’s attention, also known as a hook. This is related to the topic but helps prepare readers for what is ahead.
  • The conclusion restates the main idea while providing a summary of additional points mentioned throughout the text. The main idea is once again mentioned along with points that acted as supporting details. You will not mention these items word-for-word, but instead summarized or paraphrased.
  • If your thesis statement is not strong enough this may pose a problem later on during the writing process. Your thesis is important for your introduction. This lays the foundation for your introduction and the entire essay overall. If your thesis is not strong enough you may have problems writing other parts of the essay including your introduction and conclusion.
  • The introduction should provide background details regarding the topic or issue at hand to help set the tone for readers. The introduction is the first thing readers are presented with. Your content should be interesting enough to make the audience read it through. This may also pose a problem if your introduction lacks background details related to the topic as it should complement other parts of your paper.
  • The conclusion closes the essay, but depending on the type of essay you can include something you want readers to remember. The conclusion may not require the writer to include anything new, but more like a lesson or thought you want the audience to take from it. The conclusion should end the essay in a manner that readers would be satisfied with what was presented from start to finish.

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